Vietnamese women"s day (october 20): best wishes and gifts to express thanks and affections

In order lớn honor FSI women on the occasion of Vietnam Women’s Day 20-10, Trade Union & men in FSI giải pháp công nghệ Development và Trading Investment ., JSC held the program entitled “Welcome to Vietnam Women’s Day 20-10” for the sisters.


Decoration by FSI men on October 20th

Thegreat contributions of women have played an important part in thepresent success of FSI. Và the “solid rear” is increasinglyaffirming its role in the strong development of FSI. In addition tobeing “good at office work while still managing trang chủ chores” as agood wife, a mother và a colleague, women in FSI are alsothe “idols” of men in the company.

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As a result, on the occasion ofOctober 20, FSI brothers had spent much of their time and efforts totake sisters by surprise to show their gratitude tothe lovely colleagues.

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Their plan had been “stealthily”conducted from October 19. They designed, printed, prepared flowers andgifts, etc. After sisters had left the office after work, they speeded up theirplan. After one hardworking day, thebrothers still carefully packed gifts, blewbubbles, hangingbanners. All were lớn bring a surprised and happy Women’s Day tosisters.


Handsome men to set up the office for sisters 


The completed work with magnificence

Inthe morning of October 20, every woman in FSI wasvery proud and happy when a group of handsome men presented themflowers and gifts with sweet wishes immediately after they had stepped from thelift. The gifts in this year were very impressive; và sisters could nothelp admire the delicacy of brothers in the company.Gifts were pillows và two in one blankets, suitable for use inlunch break to lớn regain energy.


Meaningful pillows presented women by FIS men


Happy & beautiful FSI on October 20



Happy and beautiful FSI on October 20

Holding meaningful giftspainstakingly by FSI brothers, we, FSIsisters, are touched & happy. Wehave had a very happy Women’s Day with our close colleagues, friends andbrothers. Above all, we would like to send our thanks to FSI family.

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Welcome to Vietnam women's day 20-10
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