Top 7 amazing shopping malls in hanoi


There are hundreds of places lớn visit in Hanoi but shopaholics always love lớn splash out on fashionable items across some of the most frenetic streets. Whether you're looking for authentic jewelry, clothing, or just want to lớn buy some cheap mass-produced souvenirs, Hanoi shopping streets have them all. You can enjoy your shopping spree in upscale boutiques, shopping malls, or even in flea markets. Also, vì chưng not forget khổng lồ take cảnh báo of some essential shopping tips in Hanoi.

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Hanoi Shopping Guide

Shopping in Hanoi is not just about purchasing souvenirs - it can be a cultural experience.

Hanoi - What khổng lồ Bring trang chủ As Souvenirs

You are in Hanoi for the first time và being allured by its diverse range of goods that you don’t know which ones are the essential you should buy? This article is going lớn make the complicated question become piece a cake!


Trang Tien Plaza - Shopping Tips

Located at Hanoi’s center, looking over Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang Tien plaza has a shopping mall’s prime location. Indeed, it has been recognized as one of the first luxury shopping centers across Vietnam.

Aeon Mall Long Bien

With an area of up khổng lồ 120,000 m2, Aeon Mall Long Bien is airy và commodious with full functional facilities such as shopping, food, entertainment and sports training.

Lotte Department Store - Lieu Giai

Lotte Center has become a shopping, entertainment & sightseeing destination that cannot be ignored for Hanoi residents and tourists.

Vincom Center bố Trieu

Starting operation in 2004, Vincom bố Trieu quickly became a famous trade center in Hanoi.

Bic C Thang Long

Big C Thang Long supermarket has long been an attractive shopping và entertainment destination for everyone.

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Vincom Metropolis - Lieu Giai

Vincom Plaza - Bac Tu Liem

Vincom Plaza Bac Tu Liem - Vingroup's 7th shopping mall in Hanoi was officially opened in 2017.

Vincom Center - Royal City

Officially opened on July 26, 2013, Vincom Mega Mall kđt royal city is considered the largest underground shopping mall in Asia.

Vincom Mega Mall - Times City

Vincom Mega Mall Times city is the second largest underground shopping mall in Vietnam, having been nominated for the “best commercial center” award at the Asia Pacific Property Awards (APPA).

Vincom Long Bien

Vincom Long Bien Shopping Center, located in the central area of vinhomes riverside Riverside - Vietnam's most prestigious eco-urban area, with luxury & romantic riverside villas và many functional civilized & modern facilities.

Savico Megamall

Savico Megamall was opened in 2011, & since then, it has attracted many visitors coming for shopping và entertainment.

Aeon Mall Ha Dong

Opened in 2019, Aeon mall Ha Dong is the second Japanese style shopping mall in Hanoi.

The Garden Shopping Center

The Garden is located in the new administrative center of Hanoi. As a part of the Manor urban complex, the Garden shopping center is an elegant French architecture with seven floors for shopping, entertainment, offices, và service apartments.