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#1 fast and secure browser

Binni Roy

Designed for ipad

4.4 • 1.9K Ratings không tính phí Offers In-App Purchases

You Browser is a fast website browser that is suitable for mobile devices lượt thích iPhone.

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It utilizes cloud acceleration to speed things up. This application has better stability, night mode, multi-touch, smart suggestions, volume buttons, RSS reader and more.What makes the You browser best is the amazing browsing experience và downloading speed.

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Besides all this, you get a rich & wide variety of content, short videos, long videos, what’s trending on twitter in a chất lượng customised experience.Good morning memes, love memes, hot gifs, bonus games, live cricket scores & schedules, movies trials in go You Browser - India ka apna BrowserTop features of Lite Browser - India ka apna You Browser• Simple Design & Interface.• Fast Browsing - Faster browsing mode lớn save time & data usage.• Quick search - Display smart suggestions and search results listed in the tìm kiếm bar.• Privacy - Browsing without leaving a trace.• Save Data - U Browser helps you save a lot of cellular data traffic.• Navigate to cốt truyện popular sites with Quick Links• giới thiệu websites that you visit easily• Small apk Package SizeNight ModeNight mode in Browser Mini - India ka apna You Browser gives you a most comfortable night browsing experience in the dark.Download Manager with đoạn clip DownloaderYou can now manage your downloads very easily and with the maximum speed. After downloading, easily sort, rename and delete your downloads.Perfect đoạn phim downloader which lets you tải về any đoạn phim from social media.Private Browsing, Incognito ModeUse private tabs to surf anywhere on the mạng internet by going incognito without leaving a trace in your history.Manage bookmarksSave your favorite website pages in Bookmarks and visit them later on your choice.Manage passwords and autofillOpt in for automatic saving of passwords site by site & safely.Subscribe Monthly pro Access of $1.99 lớn use ads không tính phí versions of the tiện ích for a Month which can cancel anytime.– Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/binniroy-pp– Terms of Use: https://sites.google.com/view/binniroy-touWeb Browser with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet.We wish you can have the best web surfing experience for using Lite Indian Browser - You Browser

- Minor issue fixes - Optimise phầm mềm for fastest private browsing experience. Thank you for loving Browser Pro