No game no life mâng


Alternative : ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ; Нет игры - нет жизни

Status : OngoingLast updated : Jun-13-2022 20:23:39 PMTransGroup : View : 2,103,165Rating : rate : 4.79 / 5 - 563 votes

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No game No Life summary:

The internet is full of rumors about the Neet và Hikikomori genius người chơi siblings Sora và Shiro. The two go as far as to lớn refer to lớn the world as a "shit game", but then one day a young man calling himself "God" summons them to lớn a parallel universe. There, God has forbidden war, & "everything is khổng lồ be settled with games". Yes, even the national borders. Driven into a corner by other species, the "human species" is down to lớn its last city. Can Sora & Shiro, these related failures of society, become the saviors of humankind in this parallel world?
Maybe coming in the next issueNo trò chơi No Life chapter 18No trò chơi No Life chapter 19
Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 172,605Jun-13-22
Chapter 1613,909May-06-22
Chapter 159,846Apr-16-22
Chapter 1415,319Feb-04-22
Chapter 1316,942Jan-07-22
Chapter 1214,755Dec-09-21
Chapter 11102,910May-29-18
Chapter 1031,381May-29-18
Chapter 952,015Sep-22-17
Chapter 837,839Aug-30-17
Chapter 732,454Jan-20-16
Chapter 631,151Jan-20-16

Xem thêm: 450+ Mẫu Ghế Văn Phòng Hoà Phát, Ghế Văn Phòng

Chapter 533,569Jan-20-16
Chapter 436,128Jan-20-16
Chapter 3 37,539Jan-20-16
Chapter 244,363Jan-20-16
Chapter 183,797Jan-20-16

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