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To help determine the type of pressure washer required it is important to consider the kích cỡ of your cleaning task and level of duty, i.e. How big is the cleaning object & how often will you need to lớn clean it? Below is an explanation of the two main types of pressure washer. Whilst bar pressure is important the overiding factor in cleaning power is the water flow rate. More water = better cleaning.Home & Garden (sometimes referred khổng lồ as domestic, DIY or consumer).

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Lightweight, easily portable & designed for regular use in a domestic environment, these machines range in power khổng lồ suit the kích thước of your cleaning task. Models featuring ‘water cooled motor’ technology offer greater performance, and top of the range machines are often fully loaded with accessories. Xpert or Professional (sometimes referred khổng lồ as commercial or industrial)Heavy duty, robust and designed for maximum durability, Xpert or Professional machines have higher pressure và flow ratings, enabling you to clean with far greater speed and efficiency. These machines are not readily available on the high street or in DIY superstores & often feature upgraded components throughoutJargon Buster:• Bar or PSI: Bar is the most common measure of pressure. PSI = bar x 14.5.• Bar (max): This is the pressure achieved when the machine is first turned on• Bar (rated) pressure: This is the operating water pressure of the machine.• Motor kích cỡ (kW): Motor size indicates nguồn providing the machine runs efficiently. • Flow Rate (l/h): Higher flow rates enable you to lớn clean large areas or objects fasterDid You Know:Pressure Washers use up khổng lồ 80% less water than garden hosepipes.Pressure Washers are not subject to lớn hosepipe bans if used for safety reasons, or if a suction hose is used to lớn pull water from a harvested source. I.e. Not the water mains. They are also not subject khổng lồ a ban if used for commercial reasons, for example khổng lồ maintain cleanliness, hygiene or company image.Important things lớn remember when using your pressure washer:• Always use an RCD when using electrical products in connection with water.• Never use a non-return valve at the pressure washer connection lớn a hose pipe.• Never drive over or lay items on high pressure hoses to avoid damage.• Your water supply hose should be a min of several meters long & unwound from its reel.• If you are using an extension lead, kiểm tra that it is rated at min of 13 amps và fully unwound from its reel.

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Customer Questions và Answers

Q : what is the motor carbon brush for this motor called

A : Hi Luke, I'm not sure I fully understand your question but I'm guessing you might be after the Bosch part number for replacement brushes? Unfortunately we can't supply Bosch spare parts & you will be best off making enquiries with Bosch regarding this (you should be able to find a spares & repairs section on their trang chủ and garden website)

A : Hi John, yes - we have a rotary nozzle under product ID 21006819 or there is also a detergent nozzle available under sản phẩm ID 21003975

A : I have looked in to this and can confirm this Bosch AQT 33-11 does not come with a suction hose however we bởi stock & sell these under the part number 20992346.